Best Digital Marketing Strategies

What is Digital Marketing?

As more and more businesses go online, online advertisement has become imperative for businesses of every size.

This is because of the simple fact that most people now prefer to spend their time over the internet. So, why miss the opportunity, right?

Digital marketing, simply put, is a method of promoting your business online. So, if you are running an ad campaign, writing copy to persuade your readers, doing SEO of your site, you are essentially doing digital marketing.

Importance of Digital Marketing

So why is digital marketing strategy necessary? Because your business depends on only one thing: Customers. Wherever your customer goes, you must follow them.

Online is the place where you can easily find your target audience and sell your services and products.

So, if I had to put it in one line: The importance of digital marketing for business is directly proportional to the presence of potential customers online.

The Best Digital Marketing Strategies

So, what are the digital marketing strategies that work? Let’s discuss each one of them briefly.

Paid Advertisements

Spending on ads may get you great results, but you need to know where your audience hangs, your budget, and search intent.

According to Statista, Facebook had over 2.6 billion users in the first quarter of 2020. Great potential, right?

Plus, it is a relatively cheaper platform for ads compared to Google. And if your customers are on Facebook, it can prove to be a gold mine.

However, for commercial intent, your potential buyer will probably search Google. That is why you need to rank on Google if you are selling something.

With Google, you can do Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement; this means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, which greatly improves the chances of lead generation or sales as the one visiting your ad is probably having a buying intent.

Every platform has a different intent. You just need to recognize that and run suitable campaigns.

Email Marketing

Email marketing takes time. But once you get the grip on it, it is one of the most effective types of digital marketing strategies in terms of conversion. You can literally redirect tens of thousands of people to your website with a single newsletter.

The key is to build an email list of people interested in your niche. Get people visiting your website to sign up for your newsletter by offering them a bonus, FREE stuff, or anything that can add value to their lives.

Money is in the list. Building an email list can have enormous effects on your business. The people who sign up trust you and want to listen from you in the future, which makes them your potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is essential if you want to rank your website on search engines and be visible to people.

The concept is simple: When you optimize your content and website for ranking on search engines like Google, it is SEO.

This is a game-changer; every business in the world is competing to get the top spot on Google. When you win the spot, it puts your business in front of the world.

So, whenever someone searches for the keyword, they will see your website. This will maximize your chance to get traffic, leads, sales, or whatever you want.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an appropriate platform for new and small businesses. But you need to know the nature of your audience and where they spend their time.

For example, people are scrolling down their timelines on Facebook, so you must grab their attention instantly. With YouTube, you can get a little more creative and teach people stuff related to your industry and persuade them.

It is powerful because of the massive amount of social media users today. The key is to identify a suitable platform, pinpoint your potential audience, and add value to their lives through your service or products.

YouTube (Video Marketing)

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, own an online shop, want to sell your services, or want to become an influencer, YouTube can skyrocket your success.

But for that to happen, you need to add value to your target customers’ lives; they will follow you, trust you, and become your long-term companions. Answer their questions, solve their problems, and make life easier for them.

Just do not try to be over promotional with your content; viewers can get easily distracted or annoyed. If you are giving them answers and solving their problems, then there should not be much need for long promotional stuff. 

Content Marketing

Content is king, right? Well, not exactly. If your content is SEO-optimized, answering the readers’ questions, and solving their problems, then it is king.

An informational blog is a good example; you give your readers a well-researched piece of content that fully answers their query.

It keeps your audience engaged with you, increasing the chances that they would become your permanent customers.

Affiliate Marketing

When someone influential promotes your products or services and get a specified percentage from the sale, they are your affiliate marketers.

The concept is somewhat like influencer marketing where an influencer talks about a product and tries to sell it. This strategy can bring in major sales without you having to do anything.

Benefits of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a cost-effective alternative to traditional marketing. Even if you are a small business, you can advertise your products online using paid ads without breaking the bank.

Digital platforms do not discriminate between small and big brands for ad space. You just need to go for the most appropriate strategy keeping in mind your audience, platform, and end goal.


Plus, it is trackable; you can analyse your digital marketing campaign’s results. If you do not think it’s working, you can move on to the next strategy without wasting time and money.

But, when a strategy fits right, you have a successful experiment that you can use to manifold your customers.


Digital marketing platforms like Facebook, offer you to directly target a specific audience, maximizing your chances to get leads, conversions, and sales.

For instance, if you are selling home improvement products, you can get in touch with people who are looking to buy home improvement products. 

Final Thoughts

The types of marketing strategies discussed above are tried and tested for results. However, not every digital marketing strategy is suitable for your business; you need to understand what will work for you.

For example, your potential customers may not be hanging out on Facebook. If they are using Google search to get what they want, you need to target them there. Lastly, with most of your audience present online, you would be missing out on a major growth opportunity for your brand if you are not utilizing the power of digital marketing.

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